Friday, September 7, 2012

ScanFest Report

Note: Anyone coming here to contact me after Scanfest, get to me through my profile on the right --->;

my wife, my brother and I working the Fest

 ScanFest this past Sunday was a success! And a lot of fun to boot.  My brother and father came along to help us work the stand, making it a family operation. I was very busy for most of the day, making food, except for the moment we took this photograph. The line for the big item, fried shaved potato, went across our spot so we got plenty of business as people waited. I got to make people happy with food, so I had fun. Here are a couple of photos of the day as well as the signs I drew up as visual aides.





Monday, August 27, 2012

Update on Babies and Food Events and Life

  It turns out babies make it harder to blog. I'm trying to spend whatever time I can sleeping, so this has fallen by the wayside. But I do have some things to share with whatever tiny audience will see this.

Looking at the baby picture I put up in February, I'm struck by how alien he looked. So swollen! And such a blank stare! He's gotten much cuter and more interesting in the past six months. Photo:

 It's nothing that needs blogging about, but it sure is a lot of fun making his food. His most recent new food experience was a purée of kale, garlic, and apples. If he keeps eating new things so enthusiastically my job will be very easy.

ourdinner - I've been putting up pretty much all of our meals on our tumblog, appropriately titled "our dinner." I actually started it so my brother could see how we use our ingredients and leftovers in the house, in order to learn how to better feed himself. So far it's working. So at least if I'm not writing here, there's the tumblr.

I will have a food stand at the upcoming ScanFest - a Scandinavian food and culture festival in New Jersey on September 2nd. I'll be bringing out a ton of rugbrød (Scandinavian sourdough rye - a delicious brick) as well as making smørbrød (Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches) on that same bread. I'm very excited to be operating at an event independent of the restaurant, and on the off chance that you read this and live in the area, come on out and say hi.

Lastly, I just won first place at BurgerMania again this year. It was not a surprise, to put it as modestly as possible.

  Almost forgot this last bit, but I also got married. It was fun and here is a music video I made.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Venison, Mustard, and Clove Sausage

 I made this sausage for the transition from cold to warm weather that is finally coming to pass around here. It's more winter with the strongish clove, more summer with the whole mustard seed, and I hope it finds a pretty good balance in the middle.

Recipe after the break.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Bun Out of the Oven!

Nils Gunnar

 I'm back at work now, but it sure was an eventful week off. Pictured above is my new son, taken at eight days old. This little monster came out at nigh on 9.5lbs, and he has been keeping us very busy ever since because he never stops eating. It may sound like hyperbole, but come around the house and see. It's absurd.

 So there you have it. I'm just a proud new dad and wanted to share this with the internet at large. And, really, how could I pass up the opportunity to make such a punny title?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Soft Cinnamon-Raisin Bagels

 So, my lady has had some problems with her temporomandibular joint. This means that eating a normal, boiled, chewy bagel can be a hardship. Doing my best to make her happy in her extreme pregnancy, I worked out this pleasantly soft cinnamon-raisin bagel. It's still a bagel, and has a bit of chew, but it's much closer to those bagels in the packaged bread area of the supermarket than the glossy boiled (sometimes steamed) ones that are found in bagel shops.

 Oh, the things we do for love.
 Recipe after the break.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Butcher, The Baker On TV

 Dish It Out, a local cooking show had me on at the end of 2011, and they put the episode up on YouTube! I don't think I actually did very badly, so I'm not too embarrassed to share it on here. This is my post on the restaurant's blog with more explanation, plus another video of the chef's appearance.

 In the video I demonstrate how we make our burger at the restaurant, which you may even remember reading about before on this blog.